Tia Moses

          Certified Birth Doula

During my own pregnancy, I really strived to learn all I could about the whole process of birth.  I knew I wanted an all natural, un-medicated birth, so I made sure to equip myself with the knowledge and confidence to do just that.  After experiencing an amazing birth with my own doula by my side, I KNEW that this is what I wanted to help other women experience!  I had thought about how neat it would be to become a doula in years prior because I loved watching babies be born, but my passion is more evident than ever!

I am passionate about women having a voice in labor and knowing that they are in charge of their birth!  It is my goal to help you prepare, feel confident, and comfort you while you labor to bring your beautiful baby into your arms.  There is nothing quite as special as joining together with another mom and watching her experience bringing a baby into the world! I am honored to be a part of this special time in your life!